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November, 2006

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About Shane Morris: UXB

Hi, my name is Shane Morris, and I am a "User Experience Evangelist" at Microsoft, based in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked as an interaction designer / information architect / usability specialist since 1991.

My reason for blogging is to share what I know and what Microsoft knows about user experience. Although I am passionate about many things, this blog will just be about user experience / interaction design / information architecture / usability / user-centred design etc.

  • Shane Morris: UXB

    A busy week at OzCHI

    Next week I will be at OzCHI in Sydney. OzCHI is the annual conference of CHISIG , the "Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group" of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia. First up I'm teaching my " Principles of Interaction...
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    Danger UXB

    "UXB" stands for "User eXperience Blog", "User eXperience Bloke" and " UneXploded Bomb ", in no particular order. My job title here at Microsoft is "User Experience Evangelist" (or UXE) - which everyone agrees is a pretty creepy title. At the pub...
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    I was born at a very young age...

    Where to start, where to start? Dave Glover (MS evangelist) gave me some good advice - better than David Lemphers' (also MS evangelist) anyway: start with your bio. So, here's a little bit about me... At uni I did an Honours degree in computer science...
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