This is big - but small at the same time. Our very own karstenj, Ceslo Gomes (apologies to Celso - I blaim my source) designer to the stars, has launched "Nibbles Tutorials" - bite-sized tutorials for designers on how to use Expression with Silverlight and (soon) WPF.

We really needed this - the onramp for developers is easy to follow due to the footprints of thousands of MS developers who are rushing onto the UX freeway, but the path for designers is less well lit. This is important because we don't want designers to be frightened off by all the punctuation!

I've done my first tutorial already!

And I worked out how to host it on Silverlight Streaming! So easy, even a designer can do it - eventually.

OK - need to update it for the new Silverlight RC. Stand by. 31/July