Chuck has aligned the planets and I'm heading west to do "The Age of User Experience" at the Perth .NET Community of Practice on this Thursday 5th July at 5pm.

I'll cover the same "user experience as a product differentiator" stuff, but I'll update the demos to include more Silverlight and a better cross-section of the Expression products.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

The Age of User Experience

Whether it's consumers shopping for the latest lifestyle device or organisations looking to reduce helpdesk calls, creators of products and services around the world are realising that to be successful they need to deliver more than just 'features'. More and more organisations are looking to design and the relatively new field of 'user experience' to provide the differentiator that delivers dramatically improved customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

You are invited to attend "The Age of User Experience" –  a Microsoft briefing  that explores new opportunities for creating great user experiences.

Developer, meet Designer. Designer, meet Developer

You already know that the biggest limitation to providing your customers and employees with great experiences is not what your designers can imagine, and it's not what your developers can create. It's allowing designers and developers to work together in a way that allows each to contribute their best.

Come along to learn how Microsoft is creating the tools that allow designers and developers to work together in ways that maximise creativity and productivity.

User Experience: Techniques, Tools and Trends

This briefing is specifically targeted at individuals responsible for defining user experiences for their staff and customers. Web designers, interaction designers, usability professionals, producers, creative directors and graphic designers should all attend this focussed session to:

  • Learn about the latest trends in user experience design
  • Hear industry leaders' thinking on the future of 'user experience'
  • Understand how Microsoft is helping organisations across the world empower their people and customers with tools that redefine user experience possibilities