OK, reboot. I am speaking at AIMIA (Victoria) on Wed August 22nd.

Design–led Innovation

Just when we think we can’t deliver interactive products and services any faster, a new technology wave comes along that enables us to work even more rapidly. This comes at a price, though: innovation tends to be driven by the technology – “what can we do?”, rather than “what should we do?”. Traditionally, design disciplines of all types start by understanding a need, then envisioning a solution to fit. Is there even time for design in the age of mashups? Or, is design not optional in today’s market?

Microsoft has recognised that “user experience” lies at the core of its continued success as a platform company - hence the creation of a new role: “User Experience Evangelist”. In this presentation Shane Morris, User Experience Evangelist for Microsoft Australia, will discuss how he sees design leading innovation in consumer and enterprise markets into the future.