For the last week Kordesy and I have been at the Microsofties' version of 'Artists in Residence' at Microsoft in Redmond. The idea of Artists in Residence is to give a developer/designer pair the chance to get some training and mentoring from experts while they work on a Silverlight project together over the course of a week.

After some to-ing anf fro-ing we came up with an idea to use Silverlight to add interactive 'depth' to a traditional portal site. Check out the video to see how we went.

Watch the first half to get the big picture, watch the second half (ep 6, 7:50 in) for some of the 'learnings'.

Thanks to Anna for letting us leave for MIX a week early to attend Artists in Residence. Thanks to Arturo and the team for running the program and thanks to the Blend team for coming along to the presentations and taking our feedback so seriously.

Artists in Residence taught us heaps, but also got us thinking about how to best to give Aussies their own chances to build their Silverlight skills...