Here are the collated links to slides/resources/etc from our Remix Australia Speakers.

I've only included specific links to Remix material. You can also find links to the speakers blogs etc on the Remix Speakers page.

Enjoy! Shanemo


Mark Pesce

ABC / Silverlight

Matt Moran

Fairfax / IE8

Mark Cohen

Technical Track

What's New in Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5 and beyond -

Joseph Cooney

Developing great applications using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX

Tatham Oddie

Windows Live Platform: Take the best of Windows Live and make it yours

Angus Logan/Bronwen Zande/John O'Brien

Building Rich Internet Applications using Microsoft Silverlight 2

Philip Beadle

Bringing Hosters and Developers together with IIS7

Jorke Odolphi

Creative Track

New possibilities with Microsoft Silverlight 2

Jonas Folleso/Jose Fajardo

Welcome to IE8 - Integrating Your Site With Internet Explorer 8

Damian Edwards/Lachlan Hardy

Using Microsoft Silverlight for Creating Rich Mobile User Experiences

Shane Morris/Michael Kordahi/David Lemphers