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July, 2008

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About Shane Morris: UXB

Hi, my name is Shane Morris, and I am a "User Experience Evangelist" at Microsoft, based in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked as an interaction designer / information architect / usability specialist since 1991.

My reason for blogging is to share what I know and what Microsoft knows about user experience. Although I am passionate about many things, this blog will just be about user experience / interaction design / information architecture / usability / user-centred design etc.

  • Shane Morris: UXB

    "Pimp My App" and Expression Studio in Adelaide next week

    I am delivering the new improved "Pimp My App" presso at Code Camp in Adelaide this weekend (13/July). My cube neighbour Dave Glover is also presenting - on something complicated and technical no doubt. Pimp My App “User Experience” (UX) is so...
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    Gamer-influenced Design

    Last year I blogged a little about how we can learn to design for Feedback and Problem Solving by drawing inspiration from games design: (Shameless plug: Sarah...
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    User Centred Design Training from Different 26-27 August, Sydney

    Received a brochure for a new course being taught in Sydney on 14-15 July 26-27 August by Anthony Colfelt from Different . It's entitled "Human Centred Design Techniques for Project Teams". There doesn't seem to be any info on the Different website (...
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    Pimp My App - SA Code Camp Version

    Thanks to Peter Griffiths and everyone at Code Camp SA for letting me present. Here is the new version of "Pimp My App" I presented yesterday. | View | Upload your own Or Go here to download:
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