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February, 2009

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About Shane Morris: UXB

Hi, my name is Shane Morris, and I am a "User Experience Evangelist" at Microsoft, based in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked as an interaction designer / information architect / usability specialist since 1991.

My reason for blogging is to share what I know and what Microsoft knows about user experience. Although I am passionate about many things, this blog will just be about user experience / interaction design / information architecture / usability / user-centred design etc.

  • Shane Morris: UXB

    UI Design for Developers

    Arturo Toledo and Total Training have created an excellent series of short tutorials covering “ UI Design for Developers ”. Arturo focussed on aspects of visual design (rather than say, interaction design or usability) and also shows off some of the features...
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    ‘Art and Science of UX’ Deepzoom Resurrected

    I’ve finally resurrected my ‘ Art and Science of UX’ Deepzoom from my TechEd 08 talk. (Click the link to open the full-page version, you'll need to 'Open' the file.) In this talk I discuss how user experience is both a wannabe science, as well as an...
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    Free Silverlight training in Melbourne, February 21st.

    The Silverlight Designer and Developer Network are holding a free Silverlight training day on Saturday the 21st of February. Details on the SDDN website
  • Shane Morris: UXB

    Walk like a man, talk like a user

    A new version of Adobe Flash was just installed on one of my computers. That’s cool, but I was a bit annoyed when it told me I can use the new version when I “restart your system”. System? That’s nothing. Microsoft are much worse. Every once in a while...
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