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  • Blog Post: SEAT and the Super Real

    I was sent a link today to this site from the UK which is for the launch of the SEAT Exeo (it’s a car). Yes it’s built in Silverlight but what I really want to concentrate on is the design. Visual Design Firstly, it’s beautiful to look at. That’s good for Silverlight because if you ask me there have...
  • Blog Post: UI Design for Developers

    Arturo Toledo and Total Training have created an excellent series of short tutorials covering “ UI Design for Developers ”. Arturo focussed on aspects of visual design (rather than say, interaction design or usability) and also shows off some of the features of Expression Design along the way…
  • Blog Post: A Website Named Desire

    Nishant Kothary launched this site today: The site lets you Deepzoom on a poster Nishant, Xplane and others have created which attempts to capture the organised chaos that is website design and development (well that's my take on it anyway). I particularly like...
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