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    How to calculate Throughput and Peak Throughput for SharePoint

    While doing capacity planning for SharePoint, Throughput and Peak Throughput are two very important parameters that later help you decide on the number of servers/hardware required for your SharePoint implementation. Lets start of by looking for Throughput...
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    Guidance on Latency and Bandwidth for SharePoint 2010

    When planning for a SharePoint deployment one of the key aspects to consider is network latency and bandwidth. These two parameters have to be examined wheather you are looking at a centralized deployment or distributed deployment. So what is bandwidth...
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    Search TIFF files in SharePoint 2010

    Recently one of my customer had 5 million invoices and he wanted to have them scanned and stored with in SharePoint. He wanted to know if SharePoint ( out of the box) will be able to index the data with in these scanned documents. He was not ready to...
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    Some resources on Office 365

    Service Descriptions Deployment Guide and Deployment Readiness Tool Service Updates Wiki
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