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  • Blog Post: AAMs *Explained : Redux (and Presentation)

    I recently gave a talk around AAMs and wanted to post my slides here (attached below as AAMExplained.xps). This post is intended to complement my previous post on AAMs , but these slides go a little further by starting to explore the impacts to crawls and URL-based properties in the index (these slides...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2013 - Initial take on changes to Search

    It's like Christmas in July - I'm currently waiting for my download of SharePoint Server 2013 and can't wait to play for the first time! I don't have a lot to talk about yet, but a ton of official slide decks can be found at SharePoint 2013: Presentation: IT pro training (
  • Blog Post: SP2010 Search *Explained: Concepts and Terminology

    In broad terms, SharePoint Search is comprised of three main functional process components: Crawling (Gathering) : Collecting content to be processed Indexing : Organizing the processed content into a structured/searchable index Query Processing : Retrieving a relevant result set relative...
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