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  • Blog Post: From SPC14: “Troubleshoot Search” session (spc375)

    Wow! I wanted to send a huge thank you to the >500 folks that attended our session today and for the very gracious feedback. Here is a link to our session on Channel9: How to manage and troubleshoot Search: A practical guide (SPC375)
  • Blog Post: SP2010: Removing/Re-joining Server to a Farm Can Break Search

    Removing or re-joining a SharePoint Server that hosts a Search component will typically break the Search Topology and lead to an inconsistency between the ServerID being referenced by the applicable Search component(s) and the SharePoint farm Configuration object for the applicable server. Translation...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting App Management WCF Endpoint Failures

    I was recently setting up federated search for SharePoint 2013 using Result Sources to a Remote SharePoint farm. That has already been extremely well documented by Steve Peschka , but did want to dive into the following error with the App Management service that I encountered along the way because it...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell to Rebalance Crawl Store DBs in SP2013

    In SharePoint 2013, simply adding a new Crawl Store DB doesn't cause the SSA to rebalance links among stores, and admins are unable to manually trigger a rebalancing process until the standard deviation of links in all existing Crawl Stores exceeds the threshold defined by the SSA property CrawlStoreImbalanceThreshold...
  • Blog Post: Deploying SharePoint 2013 SSA Across Multiple Servers Using PowerShell

    Update: Since the release of SharePoint 2013 RTM, I've made some modifications in an effort to simplify things (e.g. removing the unnecessary command line parameters) as well as improving the functionality (e.g. ability to provision multiple index partitions, register a Managed Account, clean up the...
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