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  • Blog Post: SharePoint Search *Quirks: Query Variables

    In several forums, emails, and discussions, I keep seeing this recurring question, " How can I limit results to a specific library [in this site collection]? " Turns out, this was more difficult than I originally thought …until I found mention of the escape character "\" (essentially as a side...
  • Blog Post: Case Sensitivity and Duplicate URLs Getting Crawled

    I've seen several scenarios where a single document gets crawled twice and leads to duplicate results for this particular item – two entries in the Crawl Log with the same display URL, but with different Doc IDs. This isn't the typical scenario where multiple very similar documents get calculated...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Search *Quirks: Adding Content Sources

    I recently encountered a scenario in which adding SharePoint Search content sources of various types demonstrated different behaviors depending on the particular order and the particular type of content source being added. Initially, the behaviors looked unintentional, but after further research and...
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