The Groove Web Services SDK for SharePoint Workspace 2010 provides documentation, WSDL definition files, and sample code for the Groove Web Services API. The Groove Web Services API in SharePoint Workspace 2010 provides compatibility with the API available in Groove 2007. It provides the same access to Groove 2007 workspaces and tools as Groove 2007. It also provides limited access to Groove 2010 workspaces, but does not provide access to the tools in Groove 2010 workspaces.


The locations of the Groove Web Services registry keys have changed. In addition, to improve security, the request and response keys are encrypted using DPAPI CurrentUser encryption. In order for your existing Groove Web Services applications to work with SharePoint Workspace 2010, you must make minor code modifications and recompile your application. You can update your application now to check for the new registry keys, but fall back to the Groove 2007 registry keys if the SharePoint Workspace registry keys are not present. In this way, your modified application will work with Groove 2007 and then continue to work when a user upgrades to SharePoint Workspace 2010.


The Groove Web Services SDK for SharePoint Workspace 2010 beta is available now.