Welcome to the SharePoint Designer Team Blog!

Welcome to the SharePoint Designer Team Blog!

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Jerome Hello and welcome,

We are very excited to launch this SharePoint Designer Team Blog as one of our primary channels for interacting with the SharePoint community. SharePoint Designer, released just about two months ago (go here for the official product page), is a new product based on FrontPage and Visual Studio technologies and allows you to customize SharePoint sites, design the layout of a SharePoint page, create no-code workflows, and build sophisticated composite applications on top of the SharePoint platform. SharePoint Designer fulfills important tasks in the SharePoint universe and will become the de facto companion tool for IT pros and advanced users and even some developers when it comes to working with SharePoint sites.

Now that I have introduced the star of the show, I would like you to meet the supporting cast of contributors to this blog. Initially, there will be two contributors as folllows, but since this is indeed a team blog, others will undoubted chime in over time:

  • Jerome Thiebaud (myself): I am the Product Manager in charge of all marketing efforts for SharePoint Designer, and I had spent the past two years preparing for the launch of this great product. My goal for this blog is to provide you with some perspectives and guidance on core usage scenarios, positioning of the product, integration with other Microsoft products, customer evidence, and additional resources to make the best use of SharePoint Designer.
  • Rob Mauceri: Rob is the Principal Program Manager for SharePoint Designer and has a unique background in that he was part of the original FrontPage team before it was acquired by Microsoft way back when. He has been part of every single release of FrontPage and has now embarked on the SharePoint Designer adventure. His goal is to share plenty of nuggets of useful technical information with you via this blog.

The combination of marketing and technical expertise should provide some interesting content with enough technical depth to satisfy your appetite. The ultimate goal of this blog is to initiate a dialog with the community of users, designers, IT pros and developers interested in SharePoint Designer and to provide a unique perspective from directly inside the product group. We plan to provide training resources, tips and tricks, and how-to’s that will help you to fully leverage the power and flexibility of SharePoint Designer. In return, we would love to get your feedback on the shortcomings of our product or product documentation and your feature ideas for future releases of SharePoint Designer.

Jerome Thiebaud, Senior Product Manager
Office SharePoint Designer

  • Connaissez-vous SharePoint Designer 2007 ? Comme son nom l'indique, c'est l'outil de création par excellence

  • most excellent!  look forward to hearing all you folks have to share about SPD!

  • I am having trouble getting a product key to activate my trial copy of SD07.

    I've downloaded the file, but when I follow the links to get the key I end up at a blank screen.

    I start out here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/bb188203.aspx

    Then click on Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

    Then I pick my language and thats usually when I encounter a blank screen. Twice I was presented with a login, and once I even filled out a form about what I will be doing with it, but I always end up with a blank screen.

  • Looking forward to watching this blog mature! Glad to see you guys blogging!


  • Welcome to the community. Looking forward seeing a lot of SPD related tips and articles, as well as upcoming hotfixes (hint hint)

  • I will second the trial key problems. Half the time you can't even get through the logon/billing confirmation section but even then I have only receieved the welcom email that tells me to "click here to get the trial key" which takes me back to the same process. Still no key.

  • looking forward! is there a way to get an RSS subscription only for this blog and not for all msdn blogs?

  • Mike, the RSS feed for this blog is http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepointdesigner/rss.xml.

  • Forgive me for my previous post... wasn't completly awake yet I guess :)

  • Thank you guys for beginning the blog.

    I am sure, that many people will agree, that it would be just worderful if your next blog entry would describe the process of creating a non-simple workflow in Sharepoint designer.

    I am not working with Sharepoint Designer + Sharepoint services v3 and I just can't create an APPROVAL workflow for a document library, could you please post a smaple of everything that should be done to have this workflow done



  • Thank you for the initial welcome....The product team really appreciates. I will be working on the SharePoint Designer download issues right away. For the workflow, we have a number of documents already posted and I will address it in an upcoming post.

  • Where are these workflow documents posted at?  Can you make a link from here so they are easy to get?

    Do you have one that shows how to do a Change Workflow that compares the orginal value to the new changed value?

  • As someone who has called FrontPage and now SharePoint Designer my "development" tool of choice over the years I am stoked to see this site up. Looking forward to your postings and referring my own readers here.

  • Hey guys

    Welcome to the world of blogging.  Will definitely look here for tips and updates to SharePoint Designer.

  • Have installed SharePoint Designer 2007 on two different machines. All I have seen it do is crash persistently. When will we have a stable version of this tool.

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