Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services

Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services

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Hello all,

My name's Alex Malek, I'm a Lead PM on the SharePoint Designer team. During my day job, I focus on the workflow experience in SharePoint and SPD. However, for the last year or so, I've been working on a little side project called the "Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services" (VSeWSS). Simply put, VSeWSS is all about making developers more productive on SharePoint. This last week, we released our first version, which you can download here: link. As with many v1’s, this release doesn’t do everything, but it’s a first step on the road to having great dev tools for SharePoint.

The VSeWSS installer consists of two pieces: 1) an add-in to Visual Studio that adds some SharePoint-specific project templates (e.g. Web Part, Site Definition, Content Type, etc.) and 2) a little utility program, called the SharePoint Solution Generator, which enables you to take site "instances," customized in SPD and the browser, and convert them into site definitions, which you can then continue editing in VS.

In short, our goal with VSeWSS was to "make F5 work" for the most common SharePoint objects, such Web Parts. Fortunately, we got a bit farther than that - over the next few weeks, I'll blog a little about how to use VSeWSS for some of more advanced scenarios it support, e.g. creating content types with event handlers.

Thanks, alex

  • Why first version of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2005 Extensions works on Windows XP and latest version doesn't?????????

  • Why first version of Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services works on Windows XP and later versions doesn't????

  • It kind of took them some time. Some of you might remember my old (ish) post (

  • Rick, Garenovich - unfortunately, version 1.0 did not support XP either. Might you have been using a different tool - perhaps something from the community?

    The reason we don't support XP is that the extensions depend heavily on the sharepoint object model, for reading values, pushing the solution package up, etc.

    sorry about the confusion.


    Alex Malek


  • Everyone moans about needing Server 2003 on the dev machine, why not just run a virtual machine and develop in that for MOSS?

  • Alex, could it be a beta version, it was "Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services" and i have installed it in my Windows XP, the file is named VSeWSS.msi and the size is 1,81 MB, i download it from microsoft web. But it's true that i have to copy sharepoint dll to build the solutions.


  • I'm not sure i got the right part of this blog thing, but i'm having issues connecting to a sharepont site using vista. I can access it from my machine that is running xp professional home. but when i try to access it using vista I get web page can not be displayed. This is starting to be a real big pain in the butt.  Can you please tell me how to get it to access the web site

  • It kind of took them some time. Some of you might remember my old (ish) post (

  • So to use the Extensions, the developers need Win 2k3 Server running on a virtual machine?

    That would require a server license for each developer and is without a doubt the most ridiculous concept for a set of development tools that I have ever heard.

  • Have to agree with all of the others.  We do have a dev and prod servers but we can not remote desktop inot either and the only way this solution would work is if we could do that and VS 2005 were on the boxes.  I could only imagine how intensive of a load that would be on a shared dev box if all developers were having to remote into the box and develop on the box itself.  We could certainly do virtual machines although some of how boxes are way sluggish when you try to run Windows 2003 WSS 3.0 but the  bigger issue would be the licenses needed for this.

    What I am curious about though is what about extensions for Visual Studio 2008?

  • Will there be any new release of WSS that could be installed on WinXP for development purpose

  • Alex

    Many thanks for you and your teams supreme efforts building the extensions, this really is excellent, F5 deployment is a killer and the new WSP view is super cool.

    Can you tell me if there is a support forum for the extension or should I just post here?



  • I seem to have broken my ability to publish to SharePoint from InfoPath after installing Visual Studio Extensions for WSS v1.1. I had this same problem with v1.0 but was able to fix by simply uninstalling. This does not work with v1.1.

    I am running this on Windows XP. The error that I get is "The following URL is not valid: ..." when trying to publish an InfoPath 2007 form to MOSS 2007 running InfoPath Forms Services. I'm not sure how these are connected.

    I've tweaked my registry to allow installation on XP ( and to try cleaning the Server Cache at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Common\Internet\Server Cache"


    Any ideas on how to get InfoPath working again? I no longer need VSE on my local machine.


  • I am tasked with setting up an environment for our developers to use the VSE to develop for WSS/MOSS.  I don't want to use VPC for the obvious reasons and I am wondering if anyone has successfully deployed MOSS, Visual Studios and the extensions on a Terminal Server?  

    Please reply with any other suggestions for creating a centralized environment for developing on MOSS with VSE.


  • Looking forward to seeing VSeWSS 1.2 for VS 2008.  Will the first iteration be a CTP?  The lack of VSeWSS for VS 2008 is a serious impediment to fully moving over to VS 2008 for custom MOSS workflow development.  My most important need is automatic wsp generation that automatically includes InfoPath workflow association, intialization and task forms, just like the current VSeWSS does for VS 2005.

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