Hotfix for Time-Based SPD Actions Available

Hotfix for Time-Based SPD Actions Available

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Hi folks, Gabe Hall here again.

If you are using 'Pause For Duration' or 'Pause Until Date' in your workflows, you may want to update your server with the latest Workflow Foundation hotfix. It deals with issues around the 'Delay' activity that those two SPD actions are based on.

The fix can be downloaded from here:

This download addresses all three issues listed in KB 932816.


  • Hi,

    Microsoft didn't mention that the hotfix is supported on win server 2003 R2, just win server 2003 SP1.

    Can you know if it's possible to apply it on 2003 R2?

    Thank you!

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  • [Via SharePoint Designer Team Blog]Hi folks, Gabe Hall here again.If you are using 'Pause For Duration'

  • Hi Gabe,

    I installed the HotFix you mentioned in a VPC with MS Demo Litware environment. I have a small Workflow in which I use 2 Pause for Duration of 1 minute and it just doesn't work. The workflow remains paused forever.

    The workflow runs correctly without the Pause for Duration.

    Do you have any ideas what could be wrong?


  • [Quote Source=" SharePoint Designer Team Blog "] Hi folks, Gabe Hall here again. If you are

  • I was just putting together a test workflow for a custom list in SharePoint which uses the "Pause Until

  • Hi,

    I am actually having the same issue, installed the fix, detached the workflow associated to the doc library, rebooted, and created a new simple workflow with the installed fix, but still the workflow won't fire up once paused.  Any ideas on what could be wrong ?  Your help is much appreciated.


  • I was unable to install the hotfix on my dev server which has MOSS 2007 SP1 installed.

    I received the error: "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch"

    Am I making some simple mistake?

  • I had the same problem with the "pause" actions. In my case one of the reasons was the MOSS server performance. In the begginig I tried delays for 1 minute but the workflow did not respond, then I changed the delays to 5 minutes and it is working fine.

  • Same here , pause func not working even after applying hot fix.

  • In meinem letzten Artikel habe ich beschrieben, wie mithilft eines einfachen SharePoint Designer-Workflows

  • Hey hey

    I am having a serious problem with the "Set a field in current item" and "Update list item" actions. Everytime I use these actions, I have an endless amount of workflow instances running one after the other on the same item whether the workflow is started automatically or manually...

    Anyone experience this before?

  • Kandy,

    Read this blog entry and my comment posted on it - to solve your issue.!1CC1EDB3DAA9B8AA!995.entry



  • We can't installl this hotfix but we have installed MOSS SP1 which I believe contains the fix.  Still, pause for duration in sharepoint designer workflows doesn't work - it never wakes up.  I hope his is fixed soon because it is preventing us from using MOSS workflow in our organisation.

  • Has anyone found a resolution for this problem?

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