New Video Tutorials for SharePoint Designer

New Video Tutorials for SharePoint Designer

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Microsoft and Total Training have been teaming up to produce a set of training videos for SPD. John Jansen (whose posts you may have read, below) is a senior member of the SharePoint Designer Test Team here at Redmond and hosts the videos, in addition to playing a key role in their development and implementation.

Total Training for Microsoft® Office SharePoint Designer 2007 is a 9 hour, level 300-400 training series. The videos show you how to build very simple or incredibly complex business solutions on the SharePoint platform. John will teach you about Master Pages, how to modify Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in SharePoint Designer, and how to integrate Visual Studio with custom Web part deployment and workflow actions. All with a smile on his face!


  • Learn how to build a Workflow in SharePoint Designer that leverages custom actions from Visual Studio.
  • Create and modify new layout pages and customize them in SharePoint Designer.
  • Customize the CSS files used in SharePoint to create a custom branded site.
  • Build Master Pages from scratch so that layout pages and CSS files can be used across your site.
  • Develop custom business applications with multiple data views.

Where to go 

  • Hi, just started using SP Deisnger and am having probs setting up a server based site by selecting file/new/website...selecting empty website.

    In path I put http://mySharePoint server/my site...

    get error cannot open site, frontpage server extenstions may not be installed, proxy settinga maybe wrong...can anyone help...can't find sod all on the web about this error....

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