Visio diagram and site template from Office Online workflow videos

Visio diagram and site template from Office Online workflow videos

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Hello all, Stephen here again. Awhile back I recorded a series of workflow videos that were posted on Office Online:

Watch this: Design a document review workflow solution

Many of you have submitted comments asking if I could make available both the Visio diagram shown in the videos and the solution itself.

I’m happy to oblige (and apologies for the delay), so please find attached to this blog post a .zip file containing the site template (.stp file) and Visio diagram (.vsd file).

A few notes:

  • The solution uses the Document Center site template found in SharePoint Server 2007 (not Windows SharePoint Services), so it must be deployed to a SharePoint Server environment.

  • The site template includes WorkflowDashboard.aspx, but the Data View on that page must be re-created by following the steps in the Part 12 video and the Part 13 video.

  • The URLs used in the e-mail messages in the workflows must be updated to reflect the path of the new site, as mentioned in the Part 14 video.

Hope you find this helpful.

Workflow diagram

Attachment: Diagram and Solution from Document Review
  • Thanks Stephen, hit a glitch at step 8 using the html for the messsage body.  I no longer have available under "Current Item" a choice for "Worklow Item Id".  I am thinking that i missed a variable step but cant figure out what it is.  

    So when i go into the message body to add the lookups then choose "Product Documentation" and " Name" then  "Current Item" it has a list that starts with "Check in Comment" and ends with to "Virus Status"

    I know i am doing something wrong.  Any ideas

  • Re. the message "This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited."

    Several people have reported running into this issue when a newly triggered secondary workflow tries to update a task item that was just created by the primary workflow.

    The workaround is to put a Pause action with a brief duration at the beginning of the secondary workflow before the workflow attempts to update the task item. This should allow sufficient time for any lock on the task to be released before the secondary workflow edits the item.


  • Hello Stephen,

    For a few months now, a couple of people here were seeking a clarification as to WSS.  Can you please clarify if this solution can or cannot be deployed to WSS v3?  If so, where get we get the Document Center template for WSS v3?

    Thanks in advanbce!


  • Can you tell me where i can download these videos to make them available to a customer who has band width issues?

  • Would this solution work in a Sharepoint Server 2010 Set-up.

  • Please can someone clarify if this will work with WSS v3?

  • The page with the videos is gone!  Has it been moved?  

    There were here,, and the Google cache has a copy of the page from just last week.

  • In Part 9, when building the Message Body i am missing the Workflow Item ID, has anyone come across this and know a solution?

  • I used the 'Design a Document Review Workflow' as the basis for a workflow I'm building for my company, but there's still an issue.

    I'm trying to update  an internal comment and an external comment field in a document review list that has 8 reviewers, every one of which needs to comment on the list. I'm using a collect data task for each reviewer with a separate internal comment and external comment for each reviewer (e.g. 1 Internal Comment, 1 External Comment, 2 Internal comment, 2 External Comment, ...) .

    Then when the task is completed in the secondary workflow task, I'm trying to get the comment for each reviewer by building a dynamic string ([%Task:1 Internal Comment%] [%Task:2 Internal Comment%] [%Task:1 External Comment%] [%Task:2 External Comment%] ...) in the primary workflow .

    The first internal and external comments get updated to the list. The other comments are all output as ?????. I need to know how to capture all the comments so we can use them as an audit trail even after the workflow tasks are cleared in 60 days.

  • "This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited."

    I have tried the pause with different durations without success. The template you provide doesn't work.

  • Great job Stephen!! This is an amazing Tutor and really saved lots of time in learning!!!



  • Great stuf !!!



  • Cool, i was waiting for SP 2010, cos i just recently replaced my 10 yrs old Homesite with Sharepoint 2007 and must say that i'm so enthusiastic. It's true that Homesite couldn't compet with SP 2010, but i also tried Aptana, Dreamviewer and i wasn't impressed, while SP 2007 is really doing a good job for me.

    But i have a problem while working with PHP files cos the code is all the same colors, which is really so difficult to work with. I hope 2010 will change that.

  • The videos are great! They really teach alot! Thanks!

  • is there a link to the sample HTML for the e-mail, the one on the video page does not work.


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