I was getting the follwing error in the even viewer , i followed this link which raised the time out to be 45 seconds instead of the default which is 15 seconds
Getting the following error in the Event Viewer Logs

"Cannot connect to SQL Server. <<Server Name>>not found. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.
 Connection Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed during the post-login phase. 
\The connection could have timed out while waiting for server to complete the login process and respond; Or it could have timed out while attempting to create multiple active connections. 
The duration spent while attempting to connect to this server was - [Pre-Login] initialization=0; handshake=5457; [Login] initialization=0; authentication=0; [Post-Login] complete=9052;"
setproperty -pn database-connection-timeout -pv 45 -url http://<<web application>>