August, 2005

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    Comparing Java and .NET Security

    It's been a while since I've last seen a comparison of Java and .NET security . Nathaneal Paul and David Evans from the University of Virginia Computer Science Department recently finished their comparison, Comparing Java and .NET Security: Lessons Learned...
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    The Simple Sandboxing API

    A while back I gave some sample code to show how to setup a sandboxed AppDomain . This technique has worked since v1.0, and will continue to work with Whidbey. However, Whidbey also introduces a simple sandboxing API which eliminates the need for this...
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    What's New in Security for v2.0

    There's a ton of new and enhanced security features coming with the v2.0 release of the CLR. However, finding a definitive list of them all can be a somewhat challenging task. Dominick Baier has an excellent slide deck detailing some of the changes and...
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    Getting Help with your .NET Questions

    Recently I've been getting a lot of email from this blog asking for help with various problems. Although I'd love to help out, I don't have the time to address each mail directly. In fact, most of the problems I (and other members of the CLR team I've...
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    When the Opposite of Transparent isn't Opaque

    When you provide an assembly that will be called by partially trusted callers, you need to make sure that you do a thorough security audit of that assembly -- especially if it’s an APTCA assembly. One of the primary reasons this security review is required...
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    A Closer Look at the Simple Sandboxed AppDomain

    Yesterday we took a look at Whidbey's new Simple Sandboxing API . At first glance this API does seem relatively simple, however when you start to look closer at the AppDomain that is created for your sandboxed code, there are a few surprising properties...
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    Securing AppDomain Data

    While we're on the topic of AppDomains ... One feature of AppDomains that many people don't know about is that they expose a property dictionary of string/object pairs. This dictionary is exposed through the GetData / SetData pair of methods. In the...
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