February, 2007

  • .NET Security Blog

    Assembly Provided Evidence

    We all know that the CLR provides many types of evidence to assemblies and AppDomains by default, but one feature of the runtime that's much less known is that assemblies can actually provide evidence of their own. This seems to be one of the best kept...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Introduction to the Orcas Add-In Model

    One of the features the CLR team is adding in Orcas is that we're providing a new model to help enable your application to host Add-Ins. I've got a special interest in this set of features, as I always try to make my hobby applications pluggable for some...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Enumerating Evidence

    The Evidence class supports being enumerated in three different ways: GetAssemblyEnumerator GetHostEnumerator GetEnumerator The first two are pretty self explanatory, enumerating over the evidence that the assembly supplied itself , or over the evidence...
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