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    Geek humour

    Warning, not XNA related! http://xkcd.com/ is superb. Especially these: http://xkcd.com/c26.html http://xkcd.com/c32.html http://xkcd.com/c33.html
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    Taking out the trash

    Memory management. Object ownership. Dangling references. Leaks. It's enough to make grown men cry, and small boys cower under their duvets quivering with fear. But that was then. The .NET garbage collector takes care of such things for us, neh...
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    Designers? Show me the code!

    If you're like me, you probably spend a lot more time editing code than you do using graphical designers. Not that I have anything against designers, you understand, but I only tend to use them for my initial project setup, whereas I edit code all the...
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