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    Understanding GameTime

    Time can be a surprisingly slippery concept to get to grips with. Back when I was working on Allegro it caused the most common question from new programmers , and even though XNA does more than Allegro to handle time for you, it appears some people are...
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    What should I blog about?

    My todo list of future blog topics seems to be growing faster than I'm having time to write them! (maybe something to do with my being busy working on new framework features instead? :-) It occurred to me I should find out which areas people would be...
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    Twin paths to garbage collector nirvana

    In my previous post I described how to tell if your Xbox garbage collection is taking too long. We saw how the total amount of time spent on garbage collection is the product of the number of collections with the collection latency. This suggests two...
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    Looks like the talk abstracts for the upcoming GameFest conference have been published, and yours truly somehow got signed up to give a talk and a half. I only actually volunteered for one, but then Mitch suckered me into helping out with his :-) This...
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    Delegates, events, and garbage

    Some commenters on my previous post asked for more information about the situations where delegates allocate memory. Here's the scoop. There are actually three reasons why careless use of delegates or events can cause memory allocations: Allocating delegate...
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    XNA Unleashed

    Every few years I find myself hankering to write a book, but whenever I start seriously thinking about the idea I realize how much work it would be and get scared off. The next best thing to writing a book of my own, though, is reviewing one by somebody...
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    GameTime outside America

    Björn comments on my previous post : The default 60Hz-because-of-TV-refresh makes me wonder: does this change to 50Hz when the XBox is connected to a PAL TV? Or - from a not too serious POV - is this just another default chosen in the spirit of "We are...
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