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    GameFest videos

    Recordings from the first day of the GameFest conference are now available, including my talks about XNA Framework Performance and Networking . Man, I hate the way my voice sounds on tape!
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    Dream, Build, GameFest!

    For me the highlight of GameFest was the chance to meet some of the incredibly talented Dream-Build-Play finalists . Conferences like this usually involve Microsoft giving out swag to the attendees, but this year we were excited to be given cool stuff...
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    Motion Blur

    An interesting challenge in game programming is how to make things seem fast. I've spent a great deal of my career working on this particular problem, and the solutions are relevant for more than just racing games. It is all too common to get a character...
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    Pascal? On Xbox?

    Dominique Louis has written an article explaining how to to use the Chrome Object Pascal compiler with the XNA Framework on Xbox 360. He shows how to integrate the Content Pipeline with the Chrome project system, and ports the Game State Management sample...
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