Blog post frequency

Blog post frequency

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Correlation, or just a curious coincidence?

  • Shawn,

    Just to let you know how much I appreciate all of your articles, they are the reason I chose to use XNA for my cirrent project.

    Thank you very much for all you do for this community, and happy new year.

  • Wow.. it's also curiously proportional to my weight chart... each new release I sat at the computer & didn't exercise as much ;-)

  • The sad thing is the other trend I've noticed with XNA blogging...

    - Manders vs Machine: last updated May 2007

    - Advice from the Swamp: last updated Sept 2007

    - Cornflower Blue: last updated May 2007

    - "Lets Kill Dave": last update Oct 2007, last XNA update Sept 2007

    There used to be a wealth of information and communication from the XNA team, but Shawn, you are the only guy out there still blogging. Thank you for all your posts, they are always informative, but my RSS reader is nearly void of XNA postings from anyone else this past year.

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