Did you know our samples have docs?

Did you know our samples have docs?

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Dear Reader, I have another question for you...

I sometimes notice people using samples from creators.xna.com, having trouble with them, but not realizing their problem is answered in the sample doc.

The first time this happened, I could dismiss it as just a stupid user. But I have seen it too often for that to be the case.

All our samples include a document. The quality varies from minimal to pretty darn good indeed, but there is always something, and in a few cases the document is even more important than the sample code itself.

Have you used our samples? If so, it would be great if you could help me understand how this worked out for you:

  • Did you notice the sample doc?
  • If not, why not?
  • What could we do to make it more discoverable?

On an unrelated note, Neal Stephenson has a new book out!

  • I didn't noticed they all had documentation, and know many samples start to make sense...

    You could put the doc in the main folder, and the rest of the files in another folder, so when you open the project folder you find just the doc and another folder, just two thing makes it easier to realise that doc exists.

  • Like CatalinZima mentioned, on the Sample Details page for each sample, there should be a separate link in the downloads section just for the documentation.  This makes it very visible and is where I would expect to find it.

    That being said, the sample documentation I've looked through is usually not very helpful anyway.  They are often very vague and usually assume the user is an advanced programmer.

    Like Miguez stated, a video going over each section of code would be much more helpful.

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