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    Content Pipeline assemblies

    One of the more confusing things for newcomers to the XNA Framework Content Pipeline is figuring out how (and why) to split your code across multiple assemblies. First off, let's examine the flow of data through the pipeline: My choice of colors is not...
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    Serializing collections of shared resources

    Tomasz emailed me a good question today: "Very good reading about IntermediateSerializer . I was wondering however if this is possible to use it to serialize a Collection of elements which shall be serialized as shared resources. When I use [ContentSerializer...
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    Detail textures

    I cannot leave the subject of texture compression without mentioning detail textures. These are up there with environment maps in the pantheon of awesome but underappreciated rendering techniques. Simple, efficient, and they look great. You can think...
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    The sky's the limit

    Skies are one of the most important yet easily neglected graphics in a game. In a typical 3D world the sky can occupy as much as a third of the screen, so having a good one can do wonders for overall visual quality. The great thing about skies is that...
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    Many collections of lovingly arranged zeros and ones have recently wound their way through the tubes from our private development systems onto the public servers; some obvious, others maybe less so... Assuming you haven't been living under a rock this...
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