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    MotoGP: localization

    The MotoGP menu system worked roughly like the XNA Framework Game State Management sample , but uglier because it was written in C with manual memory management and no events. We translated the game into English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and...
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    Depth sorting alpha blended objects

    Taking a brief digression from our regularly scheduled reminiscences, I’m going to tackle a question that comes up regularly on the Creators Club forums, but which (to my surprise) I have been unable to find a comprehensive answer for on the web. This...
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    MotoGP: particles

    The MotoGP particle system worked in a similar way to this XNA Framework sample , using a vertex shader to animate point sprites with near-zero CPU overhead. We spawned particles when the bikes drove off the road, during wet weather, and for victory celebration...
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    LINQ goodness

    Eric Lippert (of C# compiler fame) has a great couple of posts describing how he created and then optimized a query algorithm using LINQ. It always makes me happy to see people who are willing to measure as opposed to just guessing about performance:...
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    MotoGP: the power of blu-tack

    Along with biros, brollies, and butties, blu-tack is a classic British product that remains largely unknown in America. A shame, because it is a great tool for testing and optimizing game code! The wonderful thing about blu-tack is that you can stick...
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