Sibelius r0x0rz

Sibelius r0x0rz

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Seattle weather can be pretty depressing this time of year. It rains, then it's cloudy, and then it rains some more. I can hardly even remember what warm sunlight feels like!

But I discovered a workaround: listen to Sibelius symphonies with the volume as high as it goes. This is the perfect cold weather music, full of pine trees, icicles, and subtle shades of misty gray. And then comes the ending of the 5th Symphony, with its giant slabs of incandescent brass, and all is good with the world.

Speaking of rain, stay tuned for more about MotoGP...

  • Yep, You know rain, but have you ever been in Finland where Jean S was from? No wonder it is so perfect cold weather music. :)

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