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    Texture filtering: mipmaps

    In my previous article about texture filtering I mentioned that scaling down images using  point sampling, or scaling to less than half size using linear filtering, looks bad because some source pixels are discarded. Why exactly is this a problem...
  • Shawn Hargreaves Blog

    Texture filtering

    Any time we draw graphics using textures, we must figure out how to map one grid of pixels (the texture) onto a different grid of pixels (the screen). This process is called filtering.   The Identity Transform The pixel mapping is trivial if: The...
  • Shawn Hargreaves Blog

    Texture filtering: anisotropy

    Mipmapping allows textures to be scaled down by any amount while maintaining high quality filtering and cache-friendly memory access patterns. But mipmaps don't work so well when different axes are scaled by different amounts:   How do we choose...
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