Predicting the Future

Predicting the Future

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I often blog about existing or recently announced XNA Game Studio features, and also more general graphics and game programming techniques. Sometimes I write about ancient history, but I rarely discuss the future. There are two reasons for this:

  • The future is remarkably hard to predict. Plans change. Release dates move. Features get cut. If I write something here, people are liable to build their own plans on top of it, then get upset if things don’t happen the way I said they would. So it is often safer for me to say nothing at all.

  • I'm a software developer, not a marketing guy, and announcements about future releases belong to the marketing department. If I started blabbing secrets on this blog, it would not be long before the security guys in the unmarked white van arrived to cart me away :-)  btw. GDC and MIX are going to be awesome this year!

So, my next few posts should be interpreted as thoughts, hopes, and dreams, rather than a concrete promise of any actual product plans.

With that disclaimer out the way: stay tuned...

  • Looking forward to the next post :-)

  • Short term future stuff or long term? Anyway, check this book out: "The Singularity Is Near" ( ...maybe you already have :)

  • Maybe posting a html link to your disclaimer who help you as well? You know just to protect yourself more? But definitely locking your doors and having a quick escape route will help too :P

  • Can't wait for new updates. Really I can't :), too much excitement.

  • Was I the only one expecting this to be a post on network prediction and latency handling, just by looking at the title?

  • "GDC and MIX are going to be awesome this year!"

    Predicting the future is hard, but still, I'm pretty sure I can predict what all those "Windows Phone developement" mystery sessions are going to be about at MIX.

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