Game Studio 4.0 beta notes

Game Studio 4.0 beta notes

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So, the XNA 4.0 beta is available for your downloading delight.

Nick has a great article about the new touch gestures API.

In other notes:

  • HiDef is now fully implemented on Windows
  • Profile validation is now implemented, so if you try to do HiDef stuff in a Reach game, you get a nice exception message
  • > I've tried setting the Filter property of the GraphicDevice's SamplerState to 'Point', but to no avail.

    That's exactly what you need to do: device.SamplerStates[n] = SamplerState.PointWrap (or PointClamp), where 'n' is whatever sample index this texture is bound on.

    If this isn't working, you must not actually be setting that sampler state correctly, or some other code must be changing it in between where you set this and when you issue the draw call.

  • What about the CLR story for XNA 4.0? Will it compile against clr 4.0?  Or is it still on clr 2.0 / framework 3.5? if it is compiling against 4.0. does that mean ,net cf gets an upgrade as well? I am especially interested in leveraging System.Threading.Parallel on the xbox.

  • @JoãoBragança: The windows phone 7 runtime is .NetCF 3.7. My guess is that the same will be used on xBox360. Is that correct Shawn? I'm not sure where .netCF 3.7 fits between .netCF 3.5 and CLR 4.0 from a framework/compiler standpoint, other than it is supposed to be more optimized than .netCF 3.5.

  • Any idea if touch capabilities will be added back into the new versions of XNA for windows?

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