Technical term that should exist: "scrottox"

Technical term that should exist: "scrottox"

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Noun:  "scrottox"

Definition:  The opposite of a detail texture.  Like a detail texture, scrottox is a monochrome image drawn using modulate2X blend mode, but where a detail texture is tiled more heavily than the base texture so as to provide fine detail when zoomed in close, a scrottox layer is tiled less heavily in order to provide coarse lumpiness when the view is zoomed out  (see screenshots at the end of this page).

Usage:  "That terrain texture looks horribly flat if you zoom the camera way out. Let's add a scrottox layer to fix that."

Etymology:  MotoGP made heavy use of scrottox layers, but we lacked a good name for them until one of the artists said "the purpose is to make things look dirty, grungy and wrinkled. Like a scrot*m, or a pair of bollocks."

  • Scrot*m + Bollocks also= Scrollocks(multiple scrollock keys), but they are much less useful.

    Kinect support please, please, please!

    or any news!

    or even news of news!

  • Oh well this may at least be the news of news, I was hoping for.

    I am so excited about programming for Kinect, even if were to be only for PC.

  • I've really enjoyed this little run of posts, but what I like best is that only an English person working in the US would feel the need to asterisk 'scrot*m', but not 'bollocks'! :)

    On a similar note you might be interested to know that the XNA-UK User Group has recently coined a 3D rendering-demo-specific version of a well known piece of Cockney rhyming slang - "Oh no, it's all gone Blinn-Phong...". I'm sure you can imagine its meaning and typical usage!

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