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    Geometry aliasing

    Back when multisampling first showed up, GPU hardware was slow, so triangle counts were low.  Complex curved shapes were approximated by a small number of faceted triangles, each of which was big enough to cover many screen pixels. This created an...
  • Shawn Hargreaves Blog

    Antialiasing alpha cutouts

    Alpha cutouts (where you use the alpha channel of a texture to determine the shape of a sprite or billboard) are the cause of many an aliasing problem. There are basically two ways to do alpha cutouts, both tragically flawed.   Alpha blended cutouts...
  • Shawn Hargreaves Blog

    Antialiasing source textures

    This is almost too obvious to be worth pointing out, but no amount of clever tricks like bilinear filtering and mipmapping will help if your input data is itself already aliased! Yet the example texture used in my previous post had nasty pixelization...
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