Silverlight 5 version of Ito's XNA AppWeek game

Silverlight 5 version of Ito's XNA AppWeek game

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Could this be the first ever 3D Silverlight game?

My colleague Ito ported the rail shooter that he originally wrote for AppWeek 2010 to use the new 3D features in Silverlight 5.  First get the SL5 RC plugin (if you don't have it already).  Then play the game here.

Once the intro animation finishes playing, mouse over enemy ships to target them, and left click to fire.


  • Getting a "Please activate enableGPUAcceleration=true on your Silverlight plugin page.", not sure what to do.

    Also, if I read right trying to find the workaround, is the GPU stuff windows only?

  • Oh, see it now, right click>Silverlight, third tab. Didn't work on my XP machine, maybe it was a little old. Worked great on the win7 machine in Chrome, woot! Not working on the mac here yet obviously, just wondering if that is in the plans for the final?

    Would be really really cool if this was cross platform. That would give unity and flash a real run : )


  • i cannot get this to work

  • Matt - did you install the SL5 RC candidate plugin?

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