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    Is SpriteBatch Turing complete?

    Time for some end-of-year silliness... Inspired by this recent Twitter exchange: Scionwest - @shawnhargreaves @nickgravelyn How about post processing for WP7? I've seen people do Bloom effects and thought P.P. was not part of WP7? nickgravelyn - @Scionwest...
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    What should I write about next?

    I have a couple more articles planned about aliasing and motion blur, but am curious to hear where you would like me to take this blog next. Some topics I am considering: C++ .  Dirty secret: although I've mostly blogged about C# programming, much...
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    From games to telephones

    After six years working on XNA, I decided it was time to take on a new challenge.  I am moving to the Windows Phone team, where I will be working on things I'm not sure how much I can say about here  (leaking future business plans on MSDN might...
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