What should I write about next?

What should I write about next?

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I have a couple more articles planned about aliasing and motion blur, but am curious to hear where you would like me to take this blog next.

Some topics I am considering:

C++.  Dirty secret: although I've mostly blogged about C# programming, much of XNA itself is written in C++, so I've actually been straddling both worlds for years.  And interesting things are happening in C++ land right now, with the arrival of C++11 and maturity of the standard library affecting best practices and recommended style.  But are my readers interested in such things?  You tell me!

More about how GPU's work.  Tiling, swizzling, caching, parallelism, predication, etc.

3D Math.  Vectors, matrices, what really is an orientation, how to think in multiple coordinate spaces, and why rotation angles are Teh Evil.

Game design.  What makes it fun?  What makes a good AI?  How does one persuade customers to try/buy your work?  I've been reluctant to cover these topics because it's not really my area of expertise, but I do have some opinions about it so who knows, maybe a few worthwhile articles to be had here.

SIMD optimization, SSE, DirectXMath.


  • C++/C# interop at high performance rates is a topic I've always been somewhat curious about. I've managed what I've needed mostly through batching, but what techniques has XNA used to pull off phenomenal performance (just a few percentage points off DX9.0c)?

  • Can you do SIMD in C# ?

    C# / C++ interop would be a good topic to cover

  • C++, Math and GPU =)

  • Hmm, maybe all of them? ;)

  • Id like to read opinions about game design, focusing AI. I think its such a interesting topic to read about, if you please.

  • All the topics you've mentioned seem interesting.

    If you want a vote, then I'd go for "3D Math" and "Game design".

  • I second all of them, but if time is lacking then I would vote for C++, 3D Math, and the GPU.

  • I'd love to see a series on "Modern C++ Style" for C# devs. I imagine there's a large segment of developers who know C++ but haven't been keeping track of the modern developments. I've seen a large number of articles on the *features* of C++11, but not the implications on coding style - particularly when interop-ing with COM outside of the WinFX world.

    Another interesting topic would be correctly reading input in games. Most solutions I've seen are polling based - which obviously creates issues when the frame rate starts to drop. A discussion of the options are available for mitigating these problems - ie/ whether it better to stay within XInput/DirectInput or drop down to window messaging for things such as keyboard input due to buffering and i18n concerns? Even modern high profile games seem to be susceptible to some extent.

  • C++ issues.

  • C++ stuff please! Metro apps are right around the corner, and some C++ best practices in game development would be really nice :)

  • 3D Math, C++ and Game Design, particularly AI. :-)

  • All the topics are interesting ones.

    C# and C++ interop would be ideal, within the context of Metro. In an ideal world I'd write 80% of my code in C#, 20% in C++. Not sure how much can be said about this (XNA in Metro) at this time, but there is no harm in asking :)


  • I vote for game design :D

  • simd please.

  • I'd really like to know more about C++11

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