What should I write about next?

What should I write about next?

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I have a couple more articles planned about aliasing and motion blur, but am curious to hear where you would like me to take this blog next.

Some topics I am considering:

C++.  Dirty secret: although I've mostly blogged about C# programming, much of XNA itself is written in C++, so I've actually been straddling both worlds for years.  And interesting things are happening in C++ land right now, with the arrival of C++11 and maturity of the standard library affecting best practices and recommended style.  But are my readers interested in such things?  You tell me!

More about how GPU's work.  Tiling, swizzling, caching, parallelism, predication, etc.

3D Math.  Vectors, matrices, what really is an orientation, how to think in multiple coordinate spaces, and why rotation angles are Teh Evil.

Game design.  What makes it fun?  What makes a good AI?  How does one persuade customers to try/buy your work?  I've been reluctant to cover these topics because it's not really my area of expertise, but I do have some opinions about it so who knows, maybe a few worthwhile articles to be had here.

SIMD optimization, SSE, DirectXMath.


  • I'd love to hear what parts of XNA are in C++ and why/how/all the juice you can share about making top performant framework.

  • GPU please!

  • C++ and 3D math

  • Shawn please tell me - why WP7 dont support custom shaders ?

  • c++

  • In order of preference:



    -SIMD optimization, SSE, DirectXMath

    -3D Math

    -Game design

  • XACT garbage in XNA!


  • Would be nice to know about optimisation tricks for developing esp with C# and XNA for real WP7.5 devices. For example having a 10x10 sized texture and want to draw this each frame x=80 * y=45 times, this eats up a lot of CPU ussage (still to much) in the Draw methode! Are there any other ways to speed this up and save some more CPU ussage? (for example drawing the scene on a 800x480 texture or something?

    Another very CPU expensive thing in my Update() methode is something like following very simple code:

               for (int i = 0; i < ( 800 * 480 ); i++)


                   finalData[i] = myData1[ (MyData2[i] + value) ];              // On real WP device == need about 9 % CPU ussage, strange!


               for (int i = 0; i < ( 800 * 480 ); i++)


                   finalData[i] = 0;                                           // This need 9 % less CPU ussage. Why is the other vesion so CPU expensive?


    In generall WP7 optimisation ideas / tricks would be very interested i think.

  • For me, C++, GPU and Math are the most interesting topics, but I know people who would be interested in design too. And SIMD, even though I probably won't use it anytime soon, seems also like very interesting topic.

    In any case, I believe writing interesting articles is more important than writing on specific topic, so I'd suggest writing whatever interesting comes to your mind. :)

  • how GPU's work,  i like this topic, c++ has a lot of material on other website.

  • GPU and SIMD please

  • "I don't work on XNA any more" O.O

    I didn't see this coming.... where can I find an article that Shawn is not part of XNA team anymore T.T T.T T.T ?

  • > where can I find an article that Shawn is not part of XNA team anymore

    On this blog of course!  :-)


  • Thanks for the link... sorry for being lazy to do a search ^_^y.

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