My book todo list just got longer.  Seattle’s Sunday paper printed a list of books coming out this fall.  Here’s what’s already on my Amazon wish list:

·         Quicksilver, by Neil Stephenson.  Due out 9/23/03.  The first in a new trilogy.  This one has me *really* excited.  Think Cryptonomicon meets Newton and Ben Franklin.

·         By Sorrow’s River, by Larry McMurtry.  Due out 11/04/03.  Oh, I can’t wait for this one - the third in Berrybender Narratives.  McMurtry does such a great job creating some really wacko, yet believable, characters, and in this installment, we’re chasing the Berybenders through Wyoming and Colorado.

·         Pompeii, by Robert Harris.  Due out 11/13/03.  I really enjoyed his “Fatherland” novel, and I don’t know much about Pompeii, so this should be a good Thanksgiving read.

Of course, Chris’s book is on the list as well – I just haven’t gotten around to stealing a copy from the author yet…