I couldn’t agree more about Notmad.  I love this app.  I hacked my Jukebox 1 up to a 40GB drive, and now just about ½ my collection can fit on the Jukebox.  I’ve just recently started using it as a standard USB-attached drive.  It’s pretty slow, so I need to get the Zen NX, at least when the 60GB version comes out.  I keep going back and for the between the Jukebox and the iPod, and I think the Jukebox has better functionality for my listening style.  I like to queue a bunch of playlists, and let the thing go.  I really don’t like that the iPod doesn’t have a “queue” like that.  I’ll still use the iPod for the long bike rides…

Man, is my toylist growing fast – the Zen NX, a Canon 300D, and a Treo 600.  Are organ sales legal anywhere close to Washington state?

For all of you junkies like me who love to tweak your portable music players with the latest firmware and the latest power utilities, check out Notmad Explorer. This is a nifty little program for managing your music library in an explorer-like view, complete with high speed transfer, tag editing, and even SQL access to your media library
[Addicted to Digital Media]