Sean and Scott have been good friends of MSDN for some time now, and have written a jewel this time.  Of course we had to headline it…  If you like their stuff, rumor has it they will be making a guest appearance at the Ask The Experts session at the PDC…


Our new article hit the home page.

We've been doing a fair amount with semi-connected applications lately, and we decided to condense some of the things that we've learned, build a simple sample, and write up an article. This article outlines some of the issues to be aware of if you're building an application that can be operated while the user just wanders in and out of network coverage.

A couple of points:

1. IMHO, we've passed the day where it's acceptable to put a big red toggle switch on an application marked "Online / Offline" that the user has to flip.  If an application can work offline, then it should be the responsibility of the application to realize it's offline.

2. If you want to build such an application, the .NET framework contains some important pieces, but unfortunately much of the plumbing lands on the shoulders of the developer to write.  This is unfortunate.  I think many applications would like to work semi-connected, but it ain't easy to build or test today.


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