Every time I go my folk's place, I always check their PC to make sure the latest updates have been applied.  Lat time I was there, I finally set the preferences to download and install patches automatically, so I sleep much better at night.  If you are your relatives' IT dept, you should think about doing the same.

Anyway, my machine started randomly rebooting this weekend.  I checked - no virus.  Hmm.  Well, for once, I'll submit the error report to our servers in Redmond.  Holy $&%* - there was useful information there!  The system figured out it was *probably* a bad memory stick (I was leaning that way anyway), and the really cool part - it recommended I download a little memory testing app that nailed it.

This was actually good timing - I'm getting things set up for the arrival of my new child - a Canon 300D.  I took the opportunity while performing open heart surgery to add 1GB new memory and another 120GB drive.  My, how zippy 1GB of memory makes XP!