This seems to be the buzz of the day – the new Desk Bar.  I installed it, and so far I like it.  I don’t like the “report to mothership” stuff, and I don’t like any app that does that, including the apps I used to work on.  There’s some other cool applications using the Google API I’ve found, like this one, by John Robbins, showing how to integrate Google into the VS shell,  this one using VB.NET, and my personal favorite, this one by Chris Kunicki, for Office.

I wonder how long it’s going to be before Google offers to crawl your local machines, and set up a local index for a fee.  I would love to be able to search for “that copy of ‘Chickenman’ the Indigo Girls did when they opened for the Dead in Eugene in 93” on my local drives, or my home network, or “that picture of my daughter in downtown Seattle last month”.  It’s a quick hop from that service to the P2P version.

I’d also see someone like Google team up with someone like Kodak, and do iPhoto/Picasso +1.  Image cataloging by smart image recognition.

I think I need more tea…

Something new from the folks at Google.  Search Google without leaving your desktop with the Google Desk Bar.  This is interesting, it does a nifty little popup window with the results.  Let's see if it as useful as the Google Explorer Bar which is awesome at popup blocking.

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