A big thanks to Laura for her nice plug of our developer centers.  They seem to have been pretty successful (lots of mentions, lots of traffic) since we launched them.  Now we want to refine them – make them work for you even better.

The big question - how do you discover new content?  It looks like ya’ll use search to get to most of the new stuff.  Is that because we’re all becoming so acclimated to the Google way of live of searching first, or is it that the dev center home pages aren’t working for you?  Do you use the MSDN home page at all?  Should we just make sure everything is available via syndication?

Second – which dev centers do you want to see next?  We’ve got one brewing that will cover data access and storage, and so what else do we need?  Does listing them in the “Key Topics” area work?

Third – the whole “community thang”.  Do you want to hear more personal opinions from the editorial team?  Blogs?  Should we be building more community features (forums, etc), or let ya’ll do that (like sqljunkies.com), and then get us to link to the sites?

Lots of big questions.  We certainly have our opinions, and I really want to hear yours…