I recently started an interesting project, after realizing I’ve lost touch with the competition lately.  I set up a site on 1and1.com, created a new domain, and began setting up a new personal site.  The catch – I’m only using products that someone here on campus would consider to be a “competitor”.  1and1 is a LAMP(E) environment.  I’m using Macromedia’s Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX to author the site.  I’ve set up both MT and Gallery so far.  I may even give out the URL once I get a bit further along.  Yes, 1and1 made life a LOT easier by having most of the common pre-req’s already installed.  Even so, I had both apps up and running in less than an hour, including a MySQL database.

Sidenote: I need to ask Greg for a new feature in NewsGator – ability to switch blogs post-by-post.  Zempt does this really well, and only for MT-based blogs.

I also have an ASP.NET site set up using our internal ISP.  When I tried to install nGallery (which needs write access to a directory), I was told they’re not willing to allow that.  I’m going to have to hunt around to see if I can find an ASP.NET setup similar to 1and1’s…  In the mean time, I’m comparing notes between using Dreamweaver and using VStudio and FrontPage.  This is going to be fun…  I need to talk to Scott and Rob about better support for hosting environments, I think.

If you have any favorite Dreamweaver resources, please pass along a pointer…