This is a cool idea, and it would be fun to see just how far the Lego folks would let you go with this…  Send in a pic of a kid holding way too many guns, a picture of Lego characters in family-unfriendly poses, some “explicit” art scanned from the sticky pages of any given men’s magazine.  As the Farkers would say, “hilarity ensues”.

I also *love* the irony of the rather detailed “user agreement” on a kid-oriented site like this.  Someone should remind them about trying to hold a minor to a contractual agreement.


Lego Mosaics are the least promoted and most exciting Lego product out there. You can upload a picture to their Web site and Lego will send you all the pieces you need to make your own mosaic. They are only $30 each, and make a fun and creative gift.

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