I’m sure I’ll get at least two people all *riled* up because I’m posting something political.  Oh well…  I think this has been an amazing process to watch, not necessarily from a political point of view, but from a societal/technology point of view.  If anyone doubted the emerging shift on the Internet from consumer-driven to producer-driven, this should be your wake-up call.  Folks like to produce content.  Microsoft’s making it easy to do so; Apple’s making it much easier to do so.  Mr. Jefferson would like what’s going on…

MoveOn's Bush-in-30-Second campaign has announced its winners. They are in four categories, and each is brilliantly done. I hope the same is done by the other side, when the Democrats finally find a candidate. Because what's great about this is that it marks the real beginning of iPolitics -- bottom-up media made real. Citizen-bloggers and digital media -- when Madison finally returns to "Madison Avenue."

I understand that RNC is confused about the nature of this campaign. No doubt the folks responsible for the RNC ghost-written letters to the editor were sure that there could only be a media effort if it was controlled and directed from the top, so that when 2 out of the thousand entries (not 2 out of the 15 finalists) mentioned Hitler, they thought that MoveOn must have sponsored that message. But now that that confusion has been cleared up, I hope they too will enlist the public to make the President's message clear. If they do, we've got the tools to help spread the messages far.

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