Boy, do I feel safer already.  I really hope then can get a crisp, clear zoom shot of my left hand right now, showing them the Hawaiian sign for “Good Luck”.  There ya go.  Have a nice day.  Does anyone really feel more secure right now?  I can’t wait to see the Astronomy Pic of the Day after these pinheads have their way.  I wonder who’s monitoring their activities?

Denounce says the Hubble Space Telescope will be repurposed for national security duty:

NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced today that the Space Hubble Telescope, the pride of astronomers everywhere, will be re-tasked with a new mission: homeland security. In order to carry out its new mission, the next shuttle team will fly up to the satellite and turn it around so it can face the earth.

"While a sad day for science, it is a great day for our nation's security," O'Keefe said. "With Hubble, we'll not only be able to track the license plates of terrorist cars, but be able to count the hairs on terrorists heads, and read the second hand on terrorists' watches. We'll be able to zoom in in real time to observe the movements of any man, woman, child, dog, cat, or flea anywhere on the earth.

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