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February, 2004

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    The Ten Rules of Performance

    This is one of those posts that seems so braindead simple when you first read it, and then you sit back and realize, Holy Shifters, this is good stuff… Thanks Paul. Paul gave this presentation to a team I worked on many years ago, now he wrote...
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    Blogging from VS

    Would a VS add-in that allows you to blog directly from VS be interesting? Be able to post code snippets, that kind of thing, w/o having to leave the comfy confines of VS? I haven't done much work on it yet; and I'm just wondering how much interest there...
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    "You've Got Mail!"

    Surprise of surprises. Six or so months ago, I paid for a Userland Radio license. I needed help getting my site back up after a hard drive crash, and sent multiple emails to them (since they have no live support it seems). Every mail was ignored. Today...
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    Talking to youngsters

    I've moved this post about the interview questions I ask during Microsoft interviews, as well as the updates, to my blog at . Please stop by...
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    Naming the colored flags in Outlook 2003

    This is just a great tip. I’ve had custom search queries defined, and had them sitting in my “Favorite Folders” area, and this is even easier… I noticed this blog entry (thank you, main feed!) with a feature request for Outlook...
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    PSA #6 Online

    Fear the Claw… Public Service Announcement #6 is now available for download. If you are new to the popular web series Red vs... Related... [ Red vs Blue ]
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